How Percepio’s Tracealyzer for Linux Can Ensure Your Driver is Performant


How Percepio’s Tracealyzer for Linux Can Ensure Your Driver is Performant

One of our most recent projects was to develop an Embedded Linux kernel module. The goal was to write a device driver to interface with a custom data acquisition device. MAB Labs is always  looking for the best-in-class tools to streamline the development process, which is why we recently utilized Tracealyzer by Percepio.

This tool  ensured the use of best practices throughout development and impacted overall device performance. Tracealyzer leverages the capabilities that are already present in the kernel. Meaning, there is no need to install any software besides Tracealyzer itself, outside of the traditional workflows in Embedded Linux. Additionally, the tool serves as an analytic engine and allows users to view the performance of the driver in situ. While using Tracealyzer, MAB Labs was able to evaluate performance of the driver, coded as would be in a release version, saving time on unnecessary debugging code. 

MAB Labs took a moment to capture our experience in using Tracealyzer while working on this driver in a series of blog posts over at Percepio’s website. Take a moment to look at the series that dives into how to get a Yocto-based embedded platform properly configured for Tracealyzer, and explore the nitty gritty of the development of the driver and evaluation of its performance. Check it out at

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