Our Successes

Our Clients

  • Jacob Beningo
    "Mohammed and I have successfully collaborated together on several projects. His technical knowledge, experience and responsiveness is a rare find. I look forward to many more years of collaboration. "
    Jacob Beningo
    Beningo Embedded Group
  • Michael Morena
    "I am very pleased with the services provided by MAB Labs and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of embedded software engineering services. MAB Labs was instrumental in helping our company solve some very challenging and time-sensitive technical issues with our embedded systems. Through a systematic approach to debugging, MAB Labs was able to isolate issues related to integration of cameras to our application processor running Yocto Linux. Potential solutions were presented, tested, and documented -all within hours and days, not months. This helped reduce risk to the hardware design life cycle and ultimately supported our early stage business in delivering products to customers. Going beyond just solving issues, MAB Labs was able to help us fortify our over-the-air update of critical subsystems as well as provide us with exact documentation on work completed which is an absolute must-have for any distributed team working on a single embedded system. "
    Michael Morena
    Norbert Health, Inc

Ultrasound Car Counter

  • Low-power edge-to-cloud ultrasound based car counter
  • Multi-hop network using BLE to maximize battery
  • Easy installation of sensor requires minimal NRE

Linux Kernel Drivers

  • Modified and verified a frame-buffer based LCD driver from the STM32 to Altera Cyclone V
  • Implementing DMAC kernel driver from scratch on Altera Cyclone V

Interactive Digital Retail Platform

  • Identified issues with the platform that were resulting in system freezing and rebooting inadvertently through a data collection and analysis campaign
  • Provided key pointers on identifying and tracking down critical system failures based on kernel logs